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Capture for Corbin


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The Owens family has been dear to my heart for some time now. Back in December the unthinkable happened to their sweet baby boy, Corbin. Since December, Jennifer and James have been through trial after trial with Corbin, with finally now, some light appearing in the darkness. These last months have had, as you might imagine, a huge financial impact on their family. Corbin had a long stay at Texas Childrens, and from there has been staying in a full-time rehab facility. While there is good news, and he gets to make the trip back home soon, his needs will not stop there.

This family means a great deal to me and I want to help them by doing a photo fundraiser, "Capture for Corbin". This is your chance to help me, help them. Here is how it works.

$25 will get you one raffle ticket - you CAN buy as many as you like. On May 1st I will draw a winner from the raffle and the winner can have any one session of their choosing in the 2018 calendar year. This means anything from Bump, Newborn, Family, Milestone, Seasonal, or Mini Session.

All proceeds will go to James, Jennifer and Corbin Owens. Big Cartel, the site I use won't let me take my tax off, so after it is all totaled, the tax amount will also be sent to them as well. So your donation will be a total of $27.06/ticket bought

Jennifer wrote her story below:
On December 19, 2017 Corbin was found unresponsive at his sitters house. She performed CPR and they were able to revive him but he started having seizures. He was sedated and put on a ventilator. He spent 2 weeks in the PICU at Texas Children’s Hospital where he under went 2 brain surgeries due to the extensive brain swelling. Due to the lack of oxygen, he has severe brain damage that has effected his vision, mobility and motor skills. He is currently in an impatient rehabilitation hospital receiving a great deal of therapy on his long road to recovery. He will be hopefully heading home soon.