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Galveston Beach Sessions

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Galveston Beach Sessions are here! Sessions will be August 4-6th and will cost $175 ($75 due at booking, $100 balance due in August).

These can include the parents and kiddos, they are 15 minute sessions and for immediate family only. If you are wanting a large group or longer time, please book 2 back to back sessions.

The light will be BEST those first and last sessions of the day.


---What if it is cloudy?
I love cloudy beach sessions! The photo shown was on a gloomy day.

---Will the water look like FL after you edit the photos? White sand, pink sky?
Probably not, we live in TX and our beaches are not white sandy, turquoise water... but that is what I love about them. The images will reflect the location but will be gorgeous!

---What if it is windy?
It will be windy; prepare your hair and outfits for such.

---What should we wear?
I like beachy colors or neutrals, solids, and maybe things you don't mind getting sandy or a little wet.

---Will you have props?
Maybe a few little things for the kiddos.

---How come the sessions are so early/late?
The light on the beach is bright and is so from the beginning of the day to the end... and on a sunny day, there will be no shade. So for photographs these are the best times of the day to shoot and consistent with the SSP style.

---If you were going to have your photo taken (Sara) what time would you choose?
6:40 AM or 8 PM